Forestry & Land Management

Since the early 1980s, Land’s Sake has provided a model for small-scale, sustainable forestry. Working with the Weston Conservation Commission, each year we rotationally harvest cordwood from different parcels of Weston’s conservation land. Most recently we have been treating a series of 10 to 12 acre woodlots in the Highland Forest, culling damaged or unhealthy oak, red maple, and birch trees. What remain are stronger, straighter, and more commercially valuable trees that will continue to grow for another 10-15 years before they are either culled or harvested. By staggering the cuts, we allow for the continuation of the forest’s canopy, maintain habitat for early successional species, and provide other ecological benefits. This is a more labor intensive and costly way to produce forest products, but results in a more resilient and ecologically diverse forest. Land’s Sake is committed to these principles of sound environmental management.

In addition to managing pieces of Weston’s forests, we frequently bring visitors into our woodlots to see the impact of our work, and allow volunteers to lend a hand in producing some of our forest products. Look at our calendar for an upcoming site-walk or wood splitting day. Students also have the opportunity to learn about natural history and environmental science by partnering with nearby colleges and high schools in long-term management studies to promote sustainable land management.

For more information about our forestry program or information about how to purchase firewood or other forest products from Land's Sake, please contact the office at 781.893.1162.